A few years ago, California Symphony ran an experiment called Orchestra X. It invited people who should go the symphony but don’t, to go. It asked for feedback on many issues and listened. Since then, ticket sales have increased by 46%. Rochester City Ballet wants to repeat this experiment here.

RCB seeks a group of millennials that could or should go to ballet (e.g. they’re interested in fun, culture, and have enough resources for entertainment options but don’t attend the ballet.) This group will come to two performances and report back on their experience — the good, the bad, and the ugly — and we will listen and share our findings.

To Participate

BalletROC is for people who meet the above description and costs $5. We’ll ask you for your time and thoughts, but never for a donation. Participation includes:

  • Attendance at Dangerous Liaisons, and $5 is the cost you’ll pay for a ticket. You can bring a guest for another $5.
  • Spend some time on our website as a regular patron might. This includes searching for information related to the performance(s) you are attending and going through the purchase path (we’ll provide a promo code to complete your purchase for the above mentioned $5 price; actually completing the purchase — even if nominal, rather than picking up free tickets at Will Call—makes it possible for you to have an online experience that resembles a regular patron’s as closely as possible).
  • Joining our email and mailing list for the season (unsubscribing after the 18-19 season is fine).
  • Keeping notes on your experiences with us at the theatre, on our website, and through marketing communications (emails, mailed collateral, ads you see). Jot down a few things as you see something you love or hate is hugely helpful and appreciated.
  • Attendance at a hosted pizza and beer group in June to discuss your experience to date. By this time you will have gone on the website, “purchased” your tickets, and will have attended two performances. And we’ll be ready to hear all about it.

To participate, write to us at by March 9.Tell us a line or two including how you heard about the Ballet ROC program, confirm that you can meet all the required elements of participation, and why you want to participate. Space is limited, but your opinions are not.

We are seeking 15–30 participants, and will respond to selected participants with your promo code to order your tickets.