Megan Kamler and Shannon Rodriguez Named Co-Artistic Directors of Rochester City Ballet

Megan Kamler and Shannon Rodriguez, current dancers with Rochester City Ballet (RCB), have officially been named Co-Artistic Directors of RCB as announced by their Board of Directors.  In this role, Kamler and Rodriguez will be responsible for the overall dance and outreach programs of RCB, providing leadership, vision and direction in the areas of artistic planning and performance.

Said Stephanie Knittel Rynkowski, RCB Board Chair, “Society’s ideas about ballet have shifted through the years.  That’s why we need leaders that will take this time of incredible opportunity to build on RCB’s rich history while bringing it boldly into the future.  The talent, vision and leadership that both women possess for translating desired moods, messages, concepts, and ideas of a piece into the dancers’ movements on stage also makes them perfectly suited for the roles of co-artistic directors.”

Kamler and Rodriguez will work closely with the RCB Board of Directors, company dancers, production and administrative staff, and volunteers to bring the community a diverse repertoire of performances that range from full-length, classical canonical works to original works by established and emerging choreographers.

Both Kamler and Rodriguez joined Rochester City Ballet after receiving training at the Timothy M. Draper Center for Dance Education and the University of Arizona where they earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in Dance. Kamler has been a company member of RCB since 2011 and Rodriguez joined RCB in 2015. Kamler and Rodriguez have been featured in several principal and soloist roles for RCB in classical and neoclassical ballets, as well as in contemporary works.

Said Kamler, “Shannon and I plan to continue to elevate the artistic vision of Rochester City Ballet with  a renewed approach of innovation, inclusion, impact and collaboration to drive the company’s artistic excellence to even greater heights.”

Said Rodriguez, “As dancers who trained at Timothy Draper’s school, both Megan and I are honored to be named co-artistic directors of RCB and are inspired to begin an exciting new chapter at the company that he founded.  We are 100 percent prepared to set the artistic vision and strategy for RCB during this time of incredible opportunity.”


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Special RCB News Update: Jessica Tretter Announces Retirement


Rochester City Ballet leading dancer Jessica Tretter has announced her retirement from the company after the 2021/22 Season. Ms. Tretter graduated from the Draper Center for Dance Education, the official training school for Rochester City Ballet. She began her professional career at The Houston Ballet and later with the San Antonio ballet. She returned to dance with the Rochester City Ballet in 2007 and has delighted us with her artistry ever since. 

“After a very short fourteen seasons with Rochester City Ballet, I have decided to retire from company life at the end of this season,” Ms. Tretter said. “I can finally say how long I’ve been a part of RCB without feeling old! I am on the older end, and that, along with a gut feeling that it is “time,” is why I’ve finally made the dreaded decision all dancers think about from the moment they get that first job. Or even before. But I will say that, while bittersweet, it is not as scary now as it once was. I have watched my colleagues, who feel more like family, grow and improve and dazzle. They have inspired me to be a better dancer and artist every day I step foot in the ballet studio. Without such amazing coworkers, directors, and ballet masters supporting me, I would not be stepping away feeling so fulfilled. This company is truly one of a kind. I look forward to cheering them on from the audience in the coming seasons! For my next stage in life, I can be found teaching Pilates and ballet, and looking forward to seeing where life takes me!”

As Jessica ended her performance career with RCB, she performed in their production of Firebird, as the lead, and was also featured in a special farewell solo choreographed by Jamey Leverett.

“Jessie is a transcendent artist,” said RCB Artistic Director Robert Gardner. “Her technique, timing, and instincts are impeccable. She has a singular ability to inhabit her roles and connect with audiences allowing us to savor every facet of the music and the character. Offstage, Jessie brings a phenomenal work ethic and is a role model to her peers on a daily basis. My first experience working with Jessie was early in 2020 when I became the Artistic Director of RCB mid-season. Immediately, Jessie took me with her elegant lines, pristine technique, and compelling musicality – a versatile ballerina in command of an eclectic repertoire. I felt so lucky to join the company and be able to work with her. And though I recognize Jessie’s desire to retire, I carry a weight of sadness about her departure. As Jessie takes her final bow on our stage, I have to reconcile the fact I have had too short a time to create for and collaborate with this wonderful artist and remarkable individual.”

Jamey Leverett, Artistic Director of the Draper Center for Dance Education, states, “I was artistic Director of RCB at the time when Jessie decided to return to Rochester and continue her career dancing for RCB. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to have her back. Jessie is a stunning dancer with beautifully long arms and legs that fill the stage. Her extremely quick, articulate footwork and her passionate, warm, and genuine artistry have inspired me throughout the creation of many of my ballets, most notably in Bravo! Colorado, Le Tombeau de Liberace, and The Blood Countess.”

Leverett went on to state, “While I loved creating for Jessie, it’s also been a thrill to watch her in masterworks like George Balanchine’s Serenade and Who Cares. Throughout Jessie’s career, she has amassed an incredible body of work, and her technique and artistry grew with every new challenge. I believe I will personally miss Jessie’s presence on the RCB stage the most every year at the Eastman Theatre, where I look forward to her iconic rendition of the Dew Drop Fairy, a role near and dear to my heart. Jessie, you will be greatly missed, but we are all so grateful for the beautiful memories and the evenings of dance you have made just that much more enjoyable for us all. You have made an incredible impact on RCB and the arts in Rochester, NY.”



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