Nutcracker Scholarship Fund

Support Children in the Arts

The Nutcracker Scholarship Fund is dedicated to removing barriers to performing with the ballet. Every child deserves the chance to participate in the performing arts, regardless of experience and socio-economic status. By offering scholarships to students and community participants, RCB will cover the cost of typical performance fees, tights and shoes, photographs to commemorate the experience, lunches during the theater performance weeks, and free tickets to families of students so they can participate in and appreciate the hard work that their child dedicated to the performance.

This program promotes educational performing arts opportunities, encourages critical thinking through creative outlets, and allows participants to find joy in a shared experience with their peers, creating a sense of community. A once in a lifetime opportunity for some, this scholarship programming is vital to continuing our community’s commitment and participation in the performing arts. 

This Fund also ensures that children with special needs are provided a pathway to dance. In 2021, thanks to our Nutcracker Scholarship donors, RCB was able to provide an ASL interpreter for all rehearsals and performances, so that our first completely deaf student was able to perform with us! We look forward to providing many more opportunities such as this, with your help.

Your Impact

Make a direct impact on a child’s life today, and keep our Nutcracker Scholarship Fund alive!  This year we hope to offer 20 Nutcracker Scholarships to deserving children, and you can help us.

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