Sensory-Friendly Productions

Our Commitment

As one of the first ballet companies in the nation to offer a sensory-friendly production starting in 2015, RCB leads the way in inclusivity and sensory performances. Crafted with care, these performances offers many accommodations to make everyone in the theater comfortably able to experience the transformative power of dance. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where all audience members, regardless of ability, can receive the benefits of the performing arts.

Our Plans

In our 2022/2023 season, we will present a Sensory-Friendly performance of The Nutcracker and a Sensory-Friendly performance of our spring storybook ballet, Coppelia, free of charge for individuals with autism, their families, and their caregivers By making the performances no-cost, we will be fulfilling our mission of making the beauty and inspiration of ballet accessible to all members of our community. This program will provide a respite for children and families, where they can join a community, rest, feel joy, and enter a safe, judgment-free zone where all are welcome. These performances will support individuals with autism, their families, and their caregivers by providing emotional wellness, caregiver respite, recreation, community-building, critical thinking through a creative outlet, and most importantly – community awareness and advocacy.

Your Impact

Your donation helps supply free tickets for these performances! $20 covers the cost of one ticket, $100 the cost of 5 tickets, and $500 covers the cost of 25 tickets. Send a child, their family, or a whole group to the ballet and know that you provided them the opportunity to experience the joy of live theater. 

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To all of the wonderfully talented dancers in the Rochester City Ballet Company,

On Sunday, May 22nd we were treated to a performance of The Firebird. It was a “sensory friendly” performance. My son is 19 and has epilepsy and autism. He is mostly non-verbal and while we have worked very hard ove rthe years to try new experiences, this was our family’s first one at the ballet. The four of us. Together. This has never happened at the ballet. The only reason we tried was because we knew we could leave early if necessary among people who woudl “get” it. But we didn’t need to use a “Plan B”. You were so kind and patient with all of us. The dancers, music, and costumes were magical. My boy loved it. Our family loved it. Thank you from the bvery bottom of my heart for providing our families with the wonderful opportunity to witness such beauty.

Anonymous Family

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